Mission to our clients.

Scandinavian Diamond Laboratory AB provides the diamond industry, jewelry retailers and private individuals with quality reports of polished diamonds, fine jewelry and other gemstones.

At Scandinavian Diamond Laboratory AB, objectivity is not just a statement, it is the result of scientifically based standards. Consistency through accurate digital technology is our commitment to diamond & jewelry professionals and the public we serve worldwide.

All instruments, methodologies and safety regulations within our facility are designed to ensure that every detail of your diamond is unveiled and accurately recorded.

All diamonds are examined by multiple experienced diamond graders with decades of experience in the jewelry industry. We obey a strict code of conduct and are backed by a ground-breaking knowledge center comprised of physicists, engineers and researchers.

We provide exemplary evaluations and clear disclosures of all diamonds.

Scandinavian Diamond Laboratory AB certifies diamonds, gemstones and fine jewelry exclusively in Scandinavian countries at the highest standards in industry.

Scandinavian Diamond Laboratory AB is 100% independently owned company.