Color in Diamond grading actually refers to subtle differences in the body color or hue. The Diamond color scale begins at “D” (colorless) and goes to “Z” (fancy intense yellow) Although Diamonds occur naturally in a variety of colors, the average person thinks of Diamonds as white or colorless.

Actual colorless Diamonds (D – G) are quite expensive and for most people are cost-prohibitive. Diamonds that are near colorless (H – L) often appear colorless when mounted in jewelry and the average consumer will not detect any color, although many consumers may begin to see a subtle presence of color around “J”.

At the cusp of the color scale are “L – M”, since most consumers notice color in this range. Lower than “M” is very easy for consumers to see color.

COLOR is the most important factor in grading Colored Gemstones, and encompasses the three components of color: hue, tone, and saturation (intensity).

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